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My name is Pierre Philip and I often work under the artistic alias of Peter Warnet. Peter is obviously the english form of Pierre, and Warnet is the grandfather I was told to be the reincarnation of all my life.

Some fifteen years ago, in 2004, is when things started piecing together, creating musical montage with a guitar and a computer. Whilst trekking the eastern cities of Europe, I stumbled on an old film camera, in the beautiful city of Lviv, Ukraine.

A mint URSS Zenit 11x with the popular Helios-44-4. 35mm SLR, 100% mechanical Russian engineering .

And this started my whole idea of capturing the visual aspect of the world. No longer I was confined to search for the most quiet places in the world to avoid having human interference in my recordings. I am now after human interference — and it's interaction with the world.