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Here you will find general information on the main sections of the web platform. Apart from music as it's main vocation, this website is geared towards the knowledge-hungry type, looking to educate a specific community of practitioners and adepts. Guidelines are provided to ensure that everyone has a basic understanding of the subjects and speaks the same language.

Table of Content

  1. Music
  2. Publications - The News page
  3. Digital Media Library
  4. The Lexicon
  5. Work Submission
  6. Extra Sections


Section 1 : Music

Under this section you will find links to our music releases. We currently work with Bandcamp for the hosting and processing of our Music Catalogue. You will always find the latest release in highlight, and scrolling down will reveal the rest of the catalogue. Further exploration of our Bandcamp will lead to our Clothing department, which is ran independently by and it's board of artists. (coming soon!) Notwithstanding the greatness of Bandcamp, we teamed up with Symphonic Distribution to further broaden our reach and hit the digital shelves of iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and more.

The second section of the Music page features our Soundcloud channel, poe.pulse . This page will be our social hub for everything music related, from podcasts to interviews to recent releases that we simply love and wish to share!

Section 2 : Publications

The Publications page is in other words the News page. Here will be featured articles that are tied to everything that is released site-wide, as well as relevant articles and coverage that follows's artistic vision. If you are a writer and would like to feature articles on our Information Outlet, feel free to get in touch with us, as we are always looking to broaden our knowledge-base. Please understand that we stand behind our content, and that we require an equivalent level of writing aesthetics and technical validity of content. Every submission will be read and studied, but only those reflecting the standing and direction of poe will be selected.

Section 3 : The Digital Media Library

The Digital Media Library is a collection of inter-media creations that are posted by's artists. The type of content is as broad as the name implies and follows one guideline : quality over quantity.  Our preferred projects are those that have musical purposes or that include music as one of it's core element. Software, artistic coding and audio effects are but a few examples amongst the vast possibilities than can be submitted. Hardware or Installation projects are considered only if proper documentation is collected during it's creation process.

Section 4 : The Lexicon

The Lexicon section works in close relation to the Digital Media Library; it contains field-specific terms, software-specific file extensions and other device-specific references. Furthermore, it serves as a database of documents related to the researches of's artists. The upper section of the page will figure the later. On every post that contains such terms or documents, a link will be pointing towards the Lexicon.

In our attempt to gather large chunks of relevant information, we invite the user-base to submit references or documents which are in-line with the artistic direction of You can apply here.

Section 5 : The Work Submission page

Self-explanatory, use this page to submit work which you would like to add to the Label. Not limited to work submissions, you can use this section to simply get in contact with us. If you are the type who prefers to keep everything within it's mail application, please feel free and send us an email to info 'at' .

Extras : Others

Please refer to our Terms of Use for responsabilities of browsing on this web platform.