poe002. Elemental : 2

E L E M E N T A L : 2

by Peter Warnet

Peter Warnet’s Elemental : 2 continues on the same trajectory as it’s predecessor, blending elements of field recording with ambient music and generative events. This second offering brings a more refined sound, while retaining the feel of a soundtrack to nature itself. When listening to the pieces, one is invited to take a deep breath, clear it’s mind and admire the beauty of the world.
“Sitting still for a moment, letting nature make it’s way”

Track Listing

Of Wind and Bells – 13:20
Sanctuary – 15:08

Release Date

26th of June, 2017





And it began with the sound of a bell. A Tibetan bowl announces the beginning of the ceremony, supported by a completely generative bass part. As the piece unfolds, patterns of bells swivel around the ever morphing pad, sending the listener into a perpetual state of well-being. As the intensity of the piece tames down and that bells ring about, the auditor slowly regains consciousness of the physical world. When the last ethereal swirl of the pads are sounded, the soundscape slowly drifts away, passing up it's moment of glory to silence.

Sanctuary is a metaphysical extraction of a moment in time. It's ingredients were collected on a cumulative of 11 000 kilometers in terms of distance. Broken down, we have a mixture of meditation in the tropical rain forests of British Columbia, the granular synthesizer of Berlin's Robert Henke and a field recording in Romania acting as performer and sequencer. Put together, Warnet created a motionless-inducing track that is meant to act as stars; "though it seems like nothing is in motion, when holding still and capturing the moment, we realize that everything is related, everything is energy".