poe001. Elemental : 1

E L E M E N T A L : 1

by Peter Warnet

Elemental : 1 is the first public release by Electronic Musician Peter Warnet, as well as the first in a series of nature-based EPs. Every track features a carefully sampled sound from nature itself. In his quest to capture the intricacies of the earth, Warnet adds his own layer of harmonies and melodies onto his self-recorded soundscapes. The result is a blend of peace and heart-pulling emotions which cannot be described, but felt.


Track Listing

Reflections – 7:30
Cascada Valul Miresei – 6:41
A Piece for Chimes – 15:01

Release Date

10th of April, 2017





The first piece, being the most instrumental, is laid onto a wide and ever changing pattern of waves crashing onto the shore of Vancouver's Island. Reflections is a deeply moving piano piece with a glimpse of dub-techno influence. As the shore's white hiss catches the listener's attention, wave-like patterns of dark pads appear from the depth of the piece, to pave way for a higher-pitched, digitalized chord which gently introduces tension. When the vibe is properly set, only then comes the piano into play, leading the whole piece into a deep emotional climax. As the low rumble of the bass picks up in intensity, the waves and the pads begin forming a stream of tones, battling, wrestling, as the highest tide on a full moon, only to finally settle down, finally at peace. And when the calm makes it's way, only then the piano comes out from the serenity of dawn, singing it's last sorrowful cry from the night's torments.

Cascada Valul Miresei is a fearsome yet appeasing sight in the north-western Transylvanian mountains of Romania. On a 4-day Artistic Residency, Peter Warnet set out to record as close as possible the might of the waterfall. The inspiration came from R. Murray Shafer, who stated that one could hear all vowels when listening closely to the white noise of a waterfall. From this idea, Warnet added many layers of sound which climbs for a constant 6 minutes. What at first seems like a static-sounding waterfall grasps the listening into a mighty cascading sonic experience. This is best listened to with eyes closed and proper audio equipment.

The third and final piece of Peter Warnet's Elemental : 1 is dictated by the laws of nature : randomness. Taking all inspiration and sound from a single wind chime, Peter brings the listener into a 15 minutes stochastic soundscape. A Piece for Chimes is a metaphysical expression of our everyday household sounds. It's intention was to fill a space and serve it's sole purpose ; being an ambient sound generator.